The Art Club launches a crypto platform to trade NFT’s and works of art created with the aid of AI

In June The Art Club ( will launch a blockchain-based market and platform for trading NFTs and tokenized works of art. An innovative and ambitious project that aims to promote artists who create their works with the aid of artificial intelligence and NFTs made by digital artists.

The new Marketplace will bring together artists and crypto art enthusiasts from all over the world: a compelling virtual space, populated by unique pieces and exclusive collaborations.

Gallery owners and collectors will have the opportunity to tokenize their works (both digital and real) by creating a unique Token. This token will allow them to keep the ownership of their artwork, registered in the blockchain and marketable not only on the TheArtClub platform, but also on decentralized platforms (e.g. Binance NFT, Pancakeswap), with already millions of active users and a request that to date greatly exceeds the offer! The tokenisation of artworks will prove to be an innovative sale trend as it will allow any artwork to become a unique digital piece.

In recent years, the use of Artificial Intelligence has become increasingly widespread in the most diverse fields, to the point of being able to change our vision of the future and the perception of human creativity. Artists are increasingly making use of software and algorithms to create extraordinary works of art: The Art Club AI would like to bring them all together within a single intuitive, transparent and secure platform.

Taking its cue from the thought of conceptual artists that art does not exist so much in the art object itself, as in the mind of the viewer, The ArtClub AI is based on the idea that art does not exist only in the physical world, but even in the virtual one through the blockchain system, thus also making the ownership of that Art a virtual concept itself.

This blockchain-based marketplace reflects a new generation of buyers who is eager to embrace art-tech, gain independence and control to manage their investment, and more easily determine the factors that drive its value — title, authenticity and attribution. .

The NFTs will be minted on the blockchain and released on The Art Club AI platform to start the auctions. AI artworks will be sold directly by the artist to the buyer or via crowdsale at specific times.

Collectors will have the opportunity to purchase works of art in crypto currency, receiving after the transaction a certificate of ownership registered and issued on the blockchain, which will identify a unique owner, ultimately creating a secure digital place to buy and sell art.

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